5 Kitchen Trends For 2017

As the new year began so did new trends. We are keep you updated on the newest trends in kitchen designing for 2017. These are the top 5 kitchen trends for 2017.

1. Open shelving

Open shelving has become a hot new trend for kitchens. Open shelving will provide the kitchen with a light and airy feeling. Open shelves are most commonly used above or near the sink for the kitchenware or decorative keepsakes.

These lovely shelves could be personalized by making them of rustic wood that provide a warm feeling in the kitchen. Or, accentuate your kitchen with metallic colors to give it that pop of style and color. Whether for color or style, open shelves provide a clean look to your kitchen.

2. Attention to Sinks

More and more customers are paying more attention to their sinks to add functionality with style. It is so easy to transform a kitchen by selecting a luxurious faucet and multiple stylish sinks.


Stylish faucets are all the rage with high-tech sensors, extended arms, and fancy spraying mechanisms. A kitchen can have multiple faucets as well: sink faucet, hot water faucet, extended over the range, on a second sink, etc.


More Sinks, more fun. Kitchens have increased functionality with multiple or custom sinks. Furthermore, with families moving into the kitchen to spend quality time, multiple sinks give your kitchen multiple access to water for cooking, hand washing, dishwashing, and more. In addition, even if it is one sink, customers are selecting to have custom sinks in their kitchen. Custom sinks are providing kitchens the custom personality and style preferred.

3. Under cabinet lighting

More lighting and more lighting… We love bright lights and why not add them under our cabinets for a cleaner look. Even if you are not building a new kitchen these under cabinet lights can be installed by using battery operated under cabinet lighting.

4. Tuxedo Cabinets

We love tuxedo cabinets because it is a timeless style and appeals in its elegance and simplicity. This style can be created with the play of colors by using two colors on your kitchen cabinets. Some kitchens will have one color on the top cabinets and a different color on the bottom cabinets. Other kitchens will have one essential kitchen cabinetry, such as a pantry cabinet or island, one exciting color while all other cabinets are different color. The mix of two colors on kitchen cabinetry can create an elegant look.

5. High-Tech Gadgets

With the increase use of smart phones and technology, we are see more and more customers implement exciting new high-tech gadgets in their kitchens such as wireless speakers, charging stations, and smart home devices.


With the evolution of technology, we have seen an exciting change in tastes and trends. For 2017, the trend is personalization and advancement. Kitchens are all about your unique and personal touch with functionality and style.

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