The Right Contractor

In 1992, Julio Meneses began renovating his own residential properties as investment. Having great attention to detail, other investors began asking Julio for his help in renovating their properties. Mentored by an architect for over 10 years, Julio knows building codes and understands the importance to follow building plans and the clients vision. Through Julio’s experience, he has established his residential and commercial division.


Residential Division

Over the years, Men-Pro has renovated over 500 residential homes from underdeveloped to luxury to live, sale, or lease.  Working with investors, Men-Pro has uplifted underdeveloped neighborhoods. By uplifting the neighborhood, Men-Pro has transformed abandoned streets into streets filled with family homes.  Furthermore, with capabilities, Men-Pro has renovated over 100’s of luxury homes and condominiums. Regardless of the value of property, Men-Pro is known for superior quality and understanding clients goals.


Commercial Division

While partnered with an architect, Men-Pro renovated and built an elevator extension to a theater. Thought key relationships, Men-Pro extend to commercial construction. Men-Pro has renovated and maintained over 15 franchise business such as McDonald’s franchises. Furthermore, Men-Pro has renovated 6 different multifamily complexes by upgrading the kitchen and bathrooms of 100's of apartments.

With his experience, Julio has empowered Men-Pro to be a successful construction company. Men-Pro General Contractor has the right team to build the right home or commercial property. We know the building codes and have a detail process for a project from beginning to end. We understand the need for transparency and communication with the client. 


Julio Meneses

Owner & President

Temple University, BBA


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